About the author

Patricia Rettig formerly Mrs. Blanchard was born on November 3, 1954. Grew up Downtown Jersey City. Attended St. Lucy’s Catholic school. With 13 brothers and sisters, stability was non-existent.

The sixth child born of fourteen, suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of my mother and siblings. As an adult, unable to break the chain of abuse. I found myself in one abusive relationship after another. As a single parent of three I had no support from the children’s father.  Desperate and alone I knew it would be solely up to me to support my children. I started cleaning houses for strangers, which led to my successful cleaning business I called Blue Ribbon Cleaning Service.  I went on to help my daughter, Actress Tammy Blanchard fulfill her goal in an acting career. With my youngest in college and Tammy off in Hollywood, I decided it was time for change. I turned my cleaning business over to my younger sister. I became a DJ. After successfully entertaining the public for four years, I decided to take a course in Real Estate. After passing the required test, I worked a short-time selling real estate before moving on to my next venture. I went on to manage the family owned bar. 

Single for fifteen years, I found myself once again in an abusive relationship, one that merely cost me my life. A deadly attack that doctor’s, local newspapers classify my survival nothing short of a miracle…